Thursday, 14 January 2010

Help Haiti (If you haven't already)

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@Miss_Sav #deleteyouraccount if you haven't given to Haiti and prefer talking about P.Robertson and the Devil situation.

Please Help Haiti instead of talking about religion. They are in a time of need and others prefer to keep tweeting about the negatives instead of tweeting about the positive things that you could be doing to help.


Just thought I'd have my say as I have donated £5 ($8) to the Unicef Haiti Earthquake Children's Appeal. I took the money out of my Christmas money I had left over, I could of easily bought a new top for £5 but instead I did the honours of donating & I am feeling real good about it. 

It's not about religion, this has affected a country of people and their everyday lives.
Over 100,000 people are injured or dead. 
Please Help.

- Miss Sav


mrbrompton said...

Its A Leo Thing. :)

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