Thursday, 30 July 2009

Future Vision Board.

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It's Just A Twitter Thing

When I first signed up to Twitter back in March 2009, I wasn't sure what the big deal was about. However I have recently begun to investigate what Twitter is actually used for.

I was able to find a directory website called "". The site is useful for all Twitter members who are finding it hard to find people on Twitter. There are numerous links that you are able to click on to find the person/people you are looking for.

I think Twitter has helped me a lot recently and I am looking forward to finding more interesting people on there.


The other week I signed on to my twitter and thought great no one replies to my statuses. However I realized people's statuses started or ended with #HowDareYou... So I thought I'd check it out. The kind of things people write on that page is so funny, but some of the things said on there is so true. So if you ever sat up bored at early hours of the morning. Just get a twitter account and type in your own status starting or ending with #HowDareYou and click on the #HowDareYou part. Have fun. xxx

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Tuesday, 28 July 2009


We all have dreams and aspirations
But how many of us take this into consideration
We believe dreams only last until we wake up
And believe that therefore we are not good enough
We should use these dreams as a stepping stone
But instead we turn our backs and moan
As we grow older we soon realize
That our dreams are one of a kind
We should learn to follow what's in our hearts
As this is where the future starts...

Monday, 27 July 2009


So here we go again
With a pad and a pen
Trying to think of ways to change
Something that will always remain
So lets hide the pain and rearrange
Peoples thoughts and views
So next time you look at racial issues
It won't come up in the daily news
Why do people act so confused
That they try and abuse
Others for the colour of their skin
Instead of looking at the person within
It takes much more than religion
To try and pigeon, hole
People who you can't control
So why don't you get involved
And help others understand
That any race can hold hands
And that it doesn't take the bigger man,
or woman
To make a change
Why can't everyone be seen as the same?

A Man's Intuition

I came across this poet today called Boonaa Mohammed. Check out his video's on a YouTube. I watched one of his videos called "My Theory" which touched me deeply as it reminded me of my past experiences. I am now going to share his poetry with you to see what you think.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Another Lesson Learnt

As I thought what else could happen to me right about now.
First my glasses broke the night before my birthday.
Then my laptop decided to mess up last night and everything got deleted.
I was so angry because many photographs I had taken of my family were gone.
But the pictures of my friends were on Facebook so they were saved.
It made me realize how things can suddenly disappear.
So I guess everything happens for a reason.
So I guess my laptop had to mess up so that unnecessary things I couldn't delete, deleted itself.
So even though bad things tend to happen at the worst of times.
It's just another lesson learned.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

New Space

I looked through my fone the other day after having it for a year. I realized that I had saved every single text message that had been sent to my fone. My fone was clogged up with good and bad memories from 2008 until now. So I knew it was time for a clear out.

Then I went online to realize I had random websites from years ago and many friends on my facebook who I never spoke to and email addresses which I don't use anymore. So I knew it was time for another clear out.

This new space clear out was an idea I got from Shanel Cooper-Sykes website where there is a chapter named K.I.S.S and it has a paragraph on New Space.

So I took what she said into consideration and made space for all the new things in my life instead of clogging myself full of past memories and junk.

I now feel free and refreshed. Now I'm just looking forward for my birthday on Thursday as I will be turning 20. I am also looking forward to finishing my final year at university in September which will end in 2010.

Monday, 20 July 2009

Views On Friendship!

Me, my sister and my cousin had an interesting conversation with my father the other day as he told us about his definition of friends. I thought it was great advice so I thought I'd share it with you...

...There are two types of friends; ones who are there for you & ones who are there for your money...

...There is no such thing as good friends they are either just your friends or your acquaintances...

Monday, 13 July 2009

A Woman's Intuition

I was online on Facebook when I came across a link to this video of a woman speaking about men and woman's relationships so I thought I'd click on it to see what it was all about.

Shanel Cooper-Sykes has published a book called
THE MODERN GIRL’S GUIDE TO BEING A DOMESTIC GODDESS. When I started reading the book I realised how much sense she was speaking and how useful it would be to others. The youtube video's are also ideal to listen too.