Friday, 12 February 2010

Questionable Cheating ?

The numbers keep increasing
Someone out there is being deceiving
Do we stay or keep believing 
That this person wont ever be leaving

What makes it okay for society
To believe in this cheating anxiety
Is it because they want more of a variety
or just something more excitingly 

Is it one person more than the other
Why do we feel the need to hurt each other
In the selfishness of one wanting a new lover
Hoping their secrets will never be uncovered

But who's to say its in everybody's agenda
To compete and be the next contender
Will it just take one person to surrender
Will this be able to stop the next offender

This does not apply to every person
But there are many different versions
Of people who don't mainly believe in excursions
But no one is to say there won't be a reversion

Nowadays it's seen as the norm
Family, friends and lovers are being torn
Should we blame the industry or even porn
For pure roses turning into thorns

This issue has become an written rule
Many of us can easily be fooled
To believe that this world is cruel
But who really supplies this fuel

Not everyone can be judged from another persons mistake
The lessons will be learnt to whoever partakes
Its up to you to separate 
What you've heard from this poetic debate

By Miss_Sav (5.47am, 12 February 2010)

Thursday, 11 February 2010

♥ Valentine's History ♥

It all began because of one man
his name was Valentine
He wrote a letter before his death
to prove his love was divine
He fell in love with the jailors daughter
eventhough he was confined
At the end of his letter, he post scripted
"From your Valentine"

We celebrate on the 14th
to commemorate his death
The celebration of this day
became popular nonetheless
Valentines occupation was actually
a Roman catholic priest
The Romans decided to celebrate
this day with a chistianized feast

It was only declared around 498 A.D,
The Romans also celebrated with a
love pairing lottery
However there were different ways
to celebrate this day
In the middle ages England & France
celebrated by thinking of whom
they would marry.

Valentines greetings became popular
by the mother of Valentines
Her name is Esther Howland
who made cards and gifts
which intertwined.

Today, Valentines is very commercialised
Couples like to send gifts, cards and romantics
as a gesture or a nice surprise.

Written & Researched By Miss_Sav ©

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Are you a Twitter Addict?

Two of my so called friends pointed out to me yesterday that I tweet too much so I decided to put it to the test. I reseached online to find a quiz where it would tell me whether I was a Twitter addict or not... Here are my results...

Are you a Twitter addict? Click Here...

- Miss Sav

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Ask Me Anything...

I added a New Gadget called Ask Me Anything.
So if you want to ask me any questions then just type it in the box & I can reply to you.

-Miss Sav

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Happy Birthday: Aaliyah

Aaliyah would of been celebrating her 31st Birthday.
January 16, 1979 - August 25, 2001 (RIP Fallen Angel)

Friday, 15 January 2010

Happy Birthday: Martin Luther King Jr

Today is Martin Luther King Jr's (MLK) birthday. The legendary civil rights activist would have been 81 years old. "I Have A Dream..." 

I had to post something about an amazing man who stood up for what he believed in. Many of us can learn from this man, he made a difference even though others at the time would of told him not to. You should live your life the way you feel is right, whatever the outcome, you should always follow your heart and your dreams. Never think that anything is impossible because it is possible.

- Miss Sav

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Help Haiti (If you haven't already)

My Latest Tweet...
@Miss_Sav #deleteyouraccount if you haven't given to Haiti and prefer talking about P.Robertson and the Devil situation.

Please Help Haiti instead of talking about religion. They are in a time of need and others prefer to keep tweeting about the negatives instead of tweeting about the positive things that you could be doing to help.


Just thought I'd have my say as I have donated £5 ($8) to the Unicef Haiti Earthquake Children's Appeal. I took the money out of my Christmas money I had left over, I could of easily bought a new top for £5 but instead I did the honours of donating & I am feeling real good about it. 

It's not about religion, this has affected a country of people and their everyday lives.
Over 100,000 people are injured or dead. 
Please Help.

- Miss Sav

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Sammie - It's Time.

Sammie released his Its Time EP yesterday, he got good feedback from all his listeners, including myself. His EP has some great vocals, he has also added  acapellas for listeners to hear his lyrics without the background music playing. He is truly the Prince of R&B, Usher best watch out. With Trey Songz & Sammie on the loose, his career might not be as strong as it used to be other R&B stars will have to step up their vocals to complete with the best in the game in 2010.

Here's where you can get yours... download The EP from there "IT'S TIME".

My Art 2010

^I used to love art so I thought I'd see if I could still draw. See for yourself. ^

Close Up. (Couldn't rotate it).

My attempt at drawing Sammie the R&B Singer. @PrinceSammie.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

My Personal 2010 Predictions

Welcome to my first post of 2010.
I hope you all celebrated the new year properly. 

So we are now in the 9th day of the year. I am very thankful to be alive and living life to the fullest.

After months of preparations, I finally began my new year with no negativity. I sorted out my family and friend drama's and I decided to keep positive. 

I started this year off with a smile and I am going to finish it the same way. I have so many plans for the year and this year I will definitely complete all of my plans. 

In past years I would forget about the plans I made at the beginning of the year because my life would take a hold on me and make it difficult for me to complete what I set out to do. 
However this year I made sure that even my life has its bad days I will have something to look at to remind me that I can do "Anything I put my mind to".

Vision Board

Each section has a different meaning and I would like to go through it with you all as it's very important to me and you may also get some ideas from it. 

This is my quote for 2010 "Making the Impossible, Possible !
Meaning no matter what happens in life nothing is impossible. 

I would like to go into Online, Print or Broadcast Journalism.
I am interested in the Celebrity and Music side of Journalism.
Or I am hoping to be a TV Presenter as I love to talk and socialise with people.
Chilling Out
Everyone should pamper themselves when they are not busy with their careers,
All these things posted is what I enjoy to do in my Chilling Time. 
Even though I am a career driven person I know I need to take care of myself as well.

I am naturally thin, always have been, I'm not sure why though but that's just how it is.
However this year I want to make sure I am eating at least 3 times a day. 
I also have to sort out the times that I eat also. 
I am hoping to put on a few extra pounds just to look healthier. 
I believe a good diet can help my brain as well.
Being in the UK for 365days isn't my ideal year. 
I love to travel, see new things and how others live. 
I also love the hot weather. 
I have always wanted to go on a Road Trip around Europe, 
I always say it but never do it.
So this year I am going to save up the money and courage and go somewhere new.

By The End Of 2010
I am going to be turning 21 on July 23rd 2010. 
I am very excited and I am going to make sure I celebrate my day with love ones.
I am hoping to have a party as well to celebrate it.
I want to take driving lessons this year as being 20 and 
not being able to drive is not a good look.
I am hoping to graduate this year as my course will be ending.
I am going to learn how to cook and learn a new language.
I can only speak full English and nothing else so I am going to challenge myself.
I love to Dance, I used to when I was younger but I haven't since. 
So I am hoping to look for some dance lessons for the summertime. 

I hope all that I predicted for myself this year will happen and I hope that you may decide to make a vision board so you can plan out your year and achieve anything that you put your mind and heart into.

Love Miss Sav x