Thursday, 17 December 2009

Facebook Friends or Stalkers?

Is Facebook an excuse for stalking others?

I have been thinking about this for a while now. 
Can people really describe who there friends who they are?
Do you really need over 1,000 friends to be viewing your life to feel better about yourself?

I understand some people are trying to become famous so they try to add people so they can be fans of theirs.
How do you know that the guy from New Zealand who is 15, is not a 50 year old man from London. 
The internet is not safe as it is but people think that things won't take place on Facebook. Some people have even got fired from their job just because they had one night out where they ended up half naked or drunk. 

But the real question is, 
Would you consider yourself as a stalker, just taking a peek at someone's profile, or just a distant friend you met once but want to know a bit more?
To be honest I used to love people adding me on Facebook, but now I get annoyed when a random random who has 1 mutual friend with someone I rarely know myself. 

My View On My Facebook Friends.

I have 645 friends on Facebook. When I first got Facebook, I just turned 18 and my sister told me it would be a good idea to have it to be social so I signed up.
After a year and a bit of having Facebook, I had 600-700 friends, I realised that people from my high school who generally didn't take notice of me so I deleted everyone who weren't valuable. I was very happy with those 300 people I had left.
Now it's the end of 2009, I have reached over 600 friends and I have realised that I yet again have a lot of people who are not valuable, some were my friends but we are now enemies and so on. 

However I told a few people my plans for 2009 Deletion, I got good and bad replies... some people said you need negative people in your life to motivate you. Others said I should do it, why keep people who give off bad energy.
Hmm I don't know what you think of it but I know I am going ahead with Deletion 2009!

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

New Year Resolutions

The tradition of new year resolutions began in the early years of Babylonians where they celebrated the first new moon which took place on the first day of spring. However, in 46 BC Julius Caesar established a seasonal calender which established January 1 as the beginning of a new year. 

New Year Resolutions
New year resolutions are made by individuals who make commitments to themselves to form a new lifestyle change or to reform a habit. New year resolutions are either fulfilled or abandoned before the end of the year. 

The end of the year is the best time to reflect on past events which have taken place throughout the year. Now it's a few weeks before new year we all decide to change something so that we can welcome ourselves into a fresh new start. However do we really need to put all this pressure on us to change, why do we want to change when a year ends instead of when we feel the need to change. 

Here's some questions...

Do you make new year resolutions?
How long do they last before you abandon them?
Have you had success when committing to the new changes you've made?
What does the new year mean to you?

My View On Chris Brown

In life we all make mistakes, I am sure you have done something you wish you hadn't done and you have got yourself into a complete mess where you can't get out of. Well think about how Chris Brown feels...

Today Chris Brown told his fans (via Twitter) that his album had been blacklisted from a store and customers who asked for the CD got told there were no more available. However, his album was in the back of the store in the storeroom. I think this is disgraceful as shouldn't Chris Brown's album Graffiti get the same attention as everyone else's. 
Chris Brown said that he loved his fans before deleting his twitter and he has been a trending topic for several hours.

I really hope that Chris Brown knows that his fans do believe him and that these haters can keep on hating because he has a long career ahead of him. 

All I say is good luck Chris Brown, the more haters you have the more your going to succeed to do better things.

What's your views on this blacklisted album affair?
Is it right for the stores to judge Chris Brown?

Monday, 14 December 2009

SQ = Savannah Quotes

I write articles, poems and I used to write lyrics in the past. I also enjoy writing my own quotes so any time you see this symbol = SQ it means it's a quote I have written myself. 

SQ: "Some people move way to fast and wonder why things don't work out...take your time cos if not your gonna crash & the results may be fatal"

SQ: "Friendships; are like flowers, they need water and photosynthesis to grow and mature.However if the flower doesn't have these things it will not grow or survive for very long" 

SQ: "Those who work hard are more likely to succeed, those who slack are more likely to fail"

SQ: "Selfishness equals loneliness" 

SQ: "You can have multiple friends, the real question is, will they become significant in the end?"

SQ: "If you take life too seriously, then your making yourself stressed, just take life as a small joke, then you won't end up so vexed"

SQ: "Trust is such a delicate thing, when broken, it's hard to fix"

There's more to come... I'll keep you posted.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Joe McElderry wins Xfactor 2009.

I am not a big X Factor fan but my parents and many of my friends enjoy watching the show. I watched the final tonight though. 

Joe McElderry won the X Factor with 61% of the final vote against Olly Murs. Joe McElderry is an 18 year old, performing arts student from South Shields, UK. However Joe tried out for X Factor back in 2007 but only reached the boot camp stage. 

I am happy to see young talent across the UK, being able to sing and perform to over 20 million viewers and get really far. I hope that Joe does good in the states like Leona Lewis and Alexandra Burke.
Good Luck Joe.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Young Money Album Cover

To be honest I really like it for some reason. It's just different than having Lil Wayne standing in the middle and everyone surrounding him. I think it goes hard because you get a better view of the whole team which is good. I hope the album is as good as it looks. I can't wait for it to be released on 22nd of December 2009!

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Introducing Trey Songz

Trey Songz (Tremaine Neverson)

Trey Songz is a very talented R&B singer. He has been around for a few years but no one has really taken notice of him until now. His music has become more famous day by day, you can't even go on ustream now without their being over 2,000 fans watching him live. I actually saw this video last night on ustream but I only just added it to my blog today. He has the looks, swagger, the voice and the cute smile to go with it. His new debut album called "Ready" is great, his songs are powerful and this is just one of his videos which has been released recently. (Click Play)

Monday, 7 December 2009


[My Poetry]
So this is where it's going to end?
A date, a time of year, no one can prehend
It's just a myth or a typical mistake
How can you tell whether it's real or fake

God created this world for us to all live together
Jesus gave us his life so we could live here forever
So why would a particular date have a curse
Was this ever written in Gods book of words

There has been evidence which created this theory
But how do we know if we have read it clearly
The Mayans were the ones who created the pattern
To show us the days months and years and what may happen

But who's to say why there is no other variation
To that one piece of evidence of the mayans creation
No one has thought whether the Mayans didn't have time
To finish what they started and that is there sign

Many people are asking questions which cannot be answered
So many people are thinking there's going to be a disaster
Why can't we just see it as just another date of the year
Instead of it becoming a mental note due to fear

Live for today instead of thinking about what may happen years from tomorrow
Everyday is a blessing so don't live your life in sorrow
God knows what's going to happen so we can't predict 
Whether 2012 is going to end in a major earth human conflict.

What do you think of 2012?
Have you seen the movie? if so, what do you think of it?

Friday, 4 December 2009

Can You Count Your True Friends On One Hand?

Definition of Friendship (Noun)

1. attachment, relationship, bond, alliance, link, association, tie They struck up a close friendship.
2. friendliness, affection, harmony, goodwill, intimacy, affinity, familiarity, closeness, rapport, fondness, companionship, concord, benevolence, comradeship, amity, good-fellowship a whole new world of friendship and adventure. (

The Beginning of Friendships
Friendships these days can be made anywhere, at home, at work, at school, online and many other places. We all need friendships to survive, friends mean a lot to us especially when it's a special occasion or when you need somebody to socialise with. I am honoured to say I have had many good friendships and also many bad friendships. Friends need to grow together to form a tight bond between themselves and others. There are many rules to friendships some may mean more than others. Friends should be honest, loyal, loving, caring and have anattachment in any shape or form.

Socialising vs Popularity
As a child we grow to want to make as many friends as possible as we see it as a great way to have fun and someone to play with when its break, lunchtime or after school activites. When we are children and we are starting to grow up we want to be seen as the popular kid who has many friends who are fond of them. However as you begin to grow you realise that being the popular kid has its good and bad points like everything else in life.

For example, if your a popular person you have to keep up with that role and if someone takes over that particular role you may not be popular anymore. As people can change their minds very quickly.

Big Groups Of Friends
It's good to have a big group of friends as they are there on special occasions and they are able to share and celebrate it with you and others. However when the celebration is over and it's everyday life again, will those people be contactable or at least contact you once in a while. We all have busy lives but when a friend is upset or needs a shoulder to lean on we are expected to rise up to the occasion.

Online Social Networking Friends.
These days mostly everyone has 500-1,000+ friends on social networking sites such as, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and many more. That's good because you are being social with people all around the world and you are able to comunicate with those who you never thought you'd meet and you can form new bonds with them and have a long distance friendship.However these friends are your acquaintances because you communicate while online and most of time you don't see them on a day to day basis.

Conclusion & Questions
In this blog I wanted to describe what the title "True friends count for one hand" meant. I know that now I have matured into a young adult, I have begun to realise that friends will come and go and which friends will be approved to join the one or two I have counted on my hand and whether those I have counted will be there in the next 5years. I know at least one of them will be around but it's my job to find the rest.

Can you count all your true friends on one hand? - If it's more, explain why?
The more friends you have the more valuable they are? - Is this true? or false?

"Friendships; are like flowers, they need water and photosynthesis to grow and mature.However if the flower doesn't have these things it will not grow or survive for very long" - SQ

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Can You Really Fall For Someone Online?

Compter Love Pictures, Images and Photos

Online Messages

Today, I got another interesting funny message in my inbox on MySpace. It was yet another guy who had read my profile or been through my pictures and decided I was the woman for him. I mean the guy has never spoken to me before and I haven't said two words to him and already he gave out his number, email address and so on. 

The real question is, can you judge someone from a picture? or even a descriptive about me page?
I think people are quick to judge someone thinking they have a chance by writing down their number and waiting by the fone. Do you really think I'm just going to dial that number and speak to a stranger. That's like going into a strangers car just because they said something nice to you in a matter of minutes. #CmonSon, I think people need to get to know someone before they think that's their dream person.

Can you really be someone's dream digital girl or guy? 
I mean a guy or girl can express their love to you online but how do you know if that person is real or fake and can you fall in love with someone over just words. I think in some cases some people tend to get with someone over the internet and fall in love. But that doesn't mean everyone will or that person they met online was really that amazing person they fell for online.

Views & Opinions

THIS_IS_O #Shoutout 2 niggaz fallin in love over twitter myspace and facebook #cmonson you never met her son get da fuck outta here wit dat bullshit
Inka_Hero @Savannah2389 the real question is: can people even fall in love anymore and if they do, can they maintain a stable relationship, long term?
Inka_Hero @Savannah2389 Pen palls where around long before the internet, I don't see why not.
KingMister @Savannah2389 It's kinda weiird but I think its possible 
ROCMUSIC87 3:55 pm I think when sumbody fall for sumbody online  they want to feel diff and  live diff  like get away ..sum people try to find happens in diff places and dont care where it is .. so when u talk to sumbody they seem so perfect at that time 

I want to know your thoughts on this.... Can You Really Fall For Someone Online?

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

[Part 1] My Journey from Average to Extraordinary

In this blog I will discuss how I found my way from being an average joe to an extraordinary person.

The Exam Results.
This morning I received results from an exam I had taken last Thursday. I was very certain that I would pass the exam with flying colours. However when I received my results that wasn't the case. I had only just scrapped a pass, I couldn't believe it. I had spent a week and a half revising, going through different methods of how to get all the information into my head. But then I still came out with the average result.

I thought negatively to myself, why am I always average?. I am a hard worker and I am always determined to do well in whatever I commit myself to. I have always been a nerd when it comes to my studies, I take everything seriously and I attend every class. But why am I the average student who receives average results. 

It was about time that I stepped out of being the average joe and to turn myself into an extraordinary person. With guidance from love ones around me I decided to put my brain into gear and think of where I wanted to see myself at the start of my career in 2010.  

Career Ideas
I have always been a fan of the media and how celebrities live their lives. I am interested in radio and television and how they speak to their audiences and inform them on the current news media. I am a very social person who loves to talk to others and I also like guiding them. 

I consider myself as being an online geek at times as I know my fair share about technology and I can even touch type. So I know I would be cut out for any of these career options. 

However I have always been a blog reader, I love how people write down detail accounts of their lives and also other peoples lives e.g. celebrities. 

My Journey from Average to Extraordinary
I was then able to come across an idea, why not be extraordinary and use all these career options to help guide me into an amazing career.I could blog in times where I wasn't busy also I could subscribe my viewers or readers to my blog so that they can get news from whichever job I apply and work for. I am excited about starting 2010 with a bang. I took advice from Shanel Cooper Sykes about going from Ordinary to Extraordinary and to find something which makes me different from the rest. I think I finally understand it and I am now planning to take advantage of my future prospects.

Are you Average or Extraordinary? 
If you are extraordinary, explain why?

Friday, 23 October 2009

Beautiful Imagery

 Northern Lights  ♥

Beautiful Sunset 

Icy Vision 

Turquoise Sea 

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Lily Allen's Sexy Q Magazine Cover

The Q Magazine cover featuring Lily Allen and a pair of panthers was given the inaugural "Maggie" awards for the best magazine cover of the year. Lily Allen has beaten thirty other magazine covers including Barack Obama and Betty Ditto's naked cover to win the top prize.

Well done Lily Allen.

Monday, 12 October 2009


One of the top topic's on Twitter at the moment is the #RuleOfRelationships. 
  • What do you consider as a rule of a relationship?
  • Do we make up the rules so we can keep an eye on our partners every move? 
  • Or are we left to think that rules should be made but never be broken?
  • How far would you go before you tell your partner they are not living by the rules of a relationship.
Check out the twitter topic to see what other people think about Rules of a Relationship.

Monday, 21 September 2009

Go Hard

(Personal Blog Entry)
My Views...
At first I wasn't too sure of how to Go Hard, I knew I wanted to but I didn't have a clue of how to do it. I have had many haters but I wasn't sure how I could be confident enough to face them or to at least have the courage to ignore it.

Inspirational Music...
I first heard a song called Go Hard by Lethal B & Doneo (UK Artists), some of the lyrics stood out to me "Hi hater, bye hater" and also "I gotta go hard". However I was still unsure what they mean't about go hard. 

I finally found the song called Go Hard by Nicki Minaj feat Lil Wayne and the phrase Go Hard had a new clearer meaning. 

In the first few minutes of the song it says:
" My tears have dried, And I know that no weapon formed Against me will prosper. And I truly Believe that my haters are my motivators."

These lyrics really hit me hard, as I realised I was hiding from my haters not showing them that I am motivated to try harder because of them.

The next step...
I knew now what to do so I began thinking in a Go Hard way and my confidence grew stronger. I explained the Go Hard situation to my cousin Cee Cee and she said she was glad I found out the best way to get these haters to see that I am not going to let them ruin my future. She also agreed that the Nicki Minaj song gave her a new outlook on haters.

So me and Cee Cee were sitting online and we were thinking of what to call ourselves as we are very close cousins/friends so we thought we needed others to know that we are both Going Hard and for the haters to realise we are not alone in this Go Hard scheme so we called ourself Go Hard Gurlz as it clarifies what we were thinking.

I think that the name Go Hard Gurlz will remind us that we have gotta Go Hard in this life as there will always be haters. 

By Savannah Lloyd-Smith©

Saturday, 19 September 2009

This is gonna go down in history!

Since the VMA's Kanye West speech has been the talk of the online social sites. On Twitter people have made their own versions of Kanye's Speech. Now someone has created a Tshirt which you can order online. I believe this speech will go down in history. Kanye's got himself popular now whether it's good or bad press.

(Information about the Tshirt was found on GlobalGrind.Com.)

Friendship's End

((This is not like the other poems I've written but I thought I'd change my style a little))

When you first make friends you are curious about each other
Your so eager to want to get to know one another

What they love and what they hate
Then days, weeks, months later your best mates

Years come and go and the friendship seems clearer
Your thankful that your friend has moved nearer

You begin hanging around going out having fun
Doing things together and introducing them to everyone

But then your best friend decides the friendship is over
You wonder why this has happened and want more closure

Your friends got an attitude and tells you they don't want to speak
You feel trapped hurt and think everything might be okay in a few weeks

But then a few weeks later you hear nothing at all
How could someone who made you feel big
make you feel so small

What was the real reason that you can't be friends
After all that you two have been through and now its the end

Will you ever be able to trust anyone again in your life
You tried your hardest but nothing feels right

How could friends be so heartless to walk away and never return
I guess this is another lesson that we've all got to learn

Whoever said friendships last forever were wrong
Unless it's a friendship which is so strong

But how do you know if the person is gonna be real or fake
It's just another lesson in life and just another mistake

Friendships end is where we are left
Those friends we thought were there only left you

with regrets. 

By Savannah Lloyd-Smith©

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

JE Comeback

Jagged Edge are going to release their 7th Album called Remedy in 2010. I have heard a few tracks already and they are still the same jagged edge we all love. I can't wait for the album to drop and I am glad they came back on the music scene as they last released an album named Baby Makin' Project in 2007.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

This picture has been all around twitter, so for anyone who hasn't seen it here it is =)

Monday, 14 September 2009

Broadcast Journalism.

I am very happy today as I wasn't happy with one of my university classes so I decided to email my lecturer and ask him to change it. I had to wait a few extra days to find out but I am now happy to say that I now have a place in the the Broadcast Journalism class. I am very interested in TV and radio as it's something I think I'm good at, in a few years time you never know I could be on MTV or at the VMA's hosting, if Russell Brand can do it, why can't I? 

Sunday, 16 August 2009

My Horoscope

Your star signs are: Cancer and Leo. In astrological terms, you were born on a cusp (on or around the change over from one Sun sign to the next). You probably have traits of both signs.

Thursday, 13 August 2009


I can't believe you could do,

This to someone who did everything for you,

I can't believe after all these years

That now I am playing the fool.

Four years later now and I thought

we left the past behind,

Now I've got these angry feelings

Going on inside my mind.

At the time I thought you were

my everything

I never wanted to let you go,

Now after hearing this I swear

I just don't want to know.

I hate bringing up the past

But I took it under my chin,

After everything we have

been through I thought

I'd let you back in.

Into my life where you

Thought you could be,

Now I don't care if you

never speak to me.

I took you back as a friend

about two years after we split,

I never knew the past would

haunt me like this.

I know we were young but

there is no excuse,

Now I feel like everything

you say is loose.

Of all the real information

Of what happened between us,

Now I just sit back and think

I've finally had enough.

I've deleted you from everywhere

You could possibly find me,

I don't need you in my life

So our friendship can never be.

Fixed, thats just the way it is

Because right now in my life,

It's just me myself and I

and thats the way I'm going to live.

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Future Vision Board.

Click On The Image To View It

It's Just A Twitter Thing

When I first signed up to Twitter back in March 2009, I wasn't sure what the big deal was about. However I have recently begun to investigate what Twitter is actually used for.

I was able to find a directory website called "". The site is useful for all Twitter members who are finding it hard to find people on Twitter. There are numerous links that you are able to click on to find the person/people you are looking for.

I think Twitter has helped me a lot recently and I am looking forward to finding more interesting people on there.


The other week I signed on to my twitter and thought great no one replies to my statuses. However I realized people's statuses started or ended with #HowDareYou... So I thought I'd check it out. The kind of things people write on that page is so funny, but some of the things said on there is so true. So if you ever sat up bored at early hours of the morning. Just get a twitter account and type in your own status starting or ending with #HowDareYou and click on the #HowDareYou part. Have fun. xxx

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