Wednesday, 17 June 2009


It's A Great Feeling When Its Summertime,

It's The Best Time To Unwind,
Spending Lots Of Time In The Sunshine,
Leaving The Stresses Of The Past Months Behind.

Friends Gather Together To Drink And Have BBQ's,
Its The Best Thing When There's Nothing Else To Do,
Two Months Of No Worries, Problems Or Stress,
Everyone Knows Summertime Is The Best.

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Unspoken Heartbreak

I Don't Know Why You Left Me
I Thought Everything Was Fine
Its Hard To Explain The Feelings
Which Are Going Through My Mind

I Dont Understand, I Cant Even Breathe
I Just Wanted To Know Why Did You Leave
I Feel Like I'm All Alone No One To Hold Me Tight
I Feel So Lonely When I Wake Up At Stupid Times Of The Night

All That's On My Mind Is You Walking Out That Door
I Feel So Lonely I Don't Think I Can Take This Anymore
All The Memories Of Me & You Will Never Be The Same
Now You've Made My Heart So Lonely & Put Me Through This Pain

How Do I Mend This Broken Heart Its Something Ill Never Know
Its Hard To Stay Together But Its Harder To Let You Go
I Know You Had Your Reasons & I Know I Will Love Again
Its Just This Pain That I'm Going Through Will It Always Remain

25 Lessons

1) Sometimes blood isn't thicker than water

2)A man or woman who wants to be with you, will make time for you...No excuses

3) I can do things all by myself

4)A grudge doesn't hurt anyone but the person who's holding it, you will have to learn to move on at some point

5) Every battle can't be won

6) Show a little kindness you'd be surprised how far it goes

7) If someone hurts you and they know they did... don't let them know that its hurting you just smile and let them know that their words don't mean a thing.

8) Never give 100% of yourself to anyone..always keep something within, it might save your life

9) Everyone has been in good/bad relationships, it just depends on how each person looks at the situation to how they will describe it... you should learn from every experience it can also make you a better person.

10) Speaking of love, only say it when you mean it or it loses it's power and purpose

11) You can't tell people to change unless they want to change for themselves... sometimes people will never change so you either have to deal with it or just move on

12) Agree to disagree..stop wasting precious moments of your life arguing about something that can't or won't change.

13) You can't please everyone, you'll die trying

14) It's okay to let go, some friendships aren't made to last forever

15) Be true to yourself

16) It's okay to receive as well as give..You don't have to be the strong one all the time

17) Never settle for less always strive for the best

18) Love didn't hurt you, that person did.. so don't be afraid to love again

19) Make sure that chapter is closed before starting a new relationship..keep all baggage where it the past not the present

20) Make the most of your life, you are your own fate..there is no one to blame but you..assume the responsibility for all of your actions

21) Tomorrow is not promised to you, don't take your blessings for granted..appreciate all that you have

22) Remain humble, there will be people who think that they are better than you and who think they are going to be more successful than you but its up to you to keep your head up high and do your own thing.

23) Try not to be the "sheep" and follow others, sometimes its just easier to be me you should never follow other peoples paths as its easier to make your own

24) In order for good things to happen in life you have to go through the bad in order to find it

25) Never say never... sometimes the impossible can change to be possible

Maurity & Growth

*Direction will show you where and what you are going to do in life. This can happen at different times for different people. As it's not something which happens over night.

* Many things happen in life that can create new exciting experiences which will head you in a new direction.

*You can't plan out how your life is going to be but at least you can try to have some idea of where you will be in the next 5 to 10 years.

* Relationships always need to be worked on, situations can turn others for or against you but you have to know what you want even if it does upset a few significant others. Putting yourself first is the main key to any situation you may come under. (Even if it seems selfish it has to be done).

* You were made to be different doesn't matter if your a twin or the oldest or youngest sibling, if you have to do something in life so when you know what that is you will be able to live your life to the fullest.

* Maturity, this word can be used in all sorts of context its something that has been spoken about a lot in recent years. Some people believe that when you have reached a certain age (18 or 21) it means your an adult and mature but in some cases this is not true.

I believe that maturity can come at any time in your life no matter what situation you are currently in.

* You will be able to see signs of maturity when you go through situations where you begin to learn new things you didn't know before. Including being able to see yourself through other people's eyes instead of just your own.

* The more you evaluate situations, you begin to realize what is most important and it will lead you in the right direction.

* Family are the most important people in your life. Even though you have your blood relatives. Many people who enter your life may also have that affect on you which makes you care for in the same way you care about your own blood related family.

* You will always have your own family. However later in life you will be able to start your own family.


Am I Living Here Alone

How Come No One Understands Me
I Feel Like There's No One Around
Like I'm Buried 6 Feet Under Ground

Is There Any Way For Me To Feel Equal
Or Will I Always Be Known As The Outcast
How Come Life Seems To Be Going So Fast
Its Like Sand Running Through An Hour Glass

But Time Is Moving Quickly Now
I Guess There's Not Many Places To Hide
But No One Understands These Feelings
That I Keep Hidden Inside My Mind

Will There Ever Be A Time That Day
That People Will Know How I Feel
Or Am I Living In A World
Which Isn't So Real

I Don't Know Where My Path Will Lead
But I Don't Wanna Feel So Dead Inside
Its Hard Being An Outcast
Because No One Cares To Know Whats On My Mind


This word is what most people are afraid to say
They try and cover it up and leave it for another day
Whats so wrong with telling people the truth?
Is it just better to lie?
Even if you tell the person they either hate you or you will make them cry

I know sometimes its hard to admit whats wrong and right
Why is every answer going to end in a fight?
I know people have opinions so many are right and wrong
But if you know the person well then you will know what will make them strong

Sometimes people don't ask for advice but people will give it at hand
Why is it so complicated to get people to understand
Maybe sometimes people do things as they know its good for themselves
That doesn't mean they should change it because of everybody else

Honesty is a complicated word many don't understand the meaning
So many people aren't bothered how the other one is feeling
However sometimes honesty is not the best policy

But that's something we will have to learn
As the more we go through life it will have many twists and turns
The truth may be hidden but inside we all know
That the truth will uncover itself no matter where we go...