Tuesday, 21 July 2009

New Space

I looked through my fone the other day after having it for a year. I realized that I had saved every single text message that had been sent to my fone. My fone was clogged up with good and bad memories from 2008 until now. So I knew it was time for a clear out.

Then I went online to realize I had random websites from years ago and many friends on my facebook who I never spoke to and email addresses which I don't use anymore. So I knew it was time for another clear out.

This new space clear out was an idea I got from Shanel Cooper-Sykes website where there is a chapter named K.I.S.S and it has a paragraph on New Space.

So I took what she said into consideration and made space for all the new things in my life instead of clogging myself full of past memories and junk.

I now feel free and refreshed. Now I'm just looking forward for my birthday on Thursday as I will be turning 20. I am also looking forward to finishing my final year at university in September which will end in 2010.


Beastie Tetteh said...

i love it,
i found myself doing that in may ways in my life last month, with finishing school and deleting contacts and tying all the loose ends it feels sorta cleansing lol

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