Saturday, 19 September 2009

Friendship's End

((This is not like the other poems I've written but I thought I'd change my style a little))

When you first make friends you are curious about each other
Your so eager to want to get to know one another

What they love and what they hate
Then days, weeks, months later your best mates

Years come and go and the friendship seems clearer
Your thankful that your friend has moved nearer

You begin hanging around going out having fun
Doing things together and introducing them to everyone

But then your best friend decides the friendship is over
You wonder why this has happened and want more closure

Your friends got an attitude and tells you they don't want to speak
You feel trapped hurt and think everything might be okay in a few weeks

But then a few weeks later you hear nothing at all
How could someone who made you feel big
make you feel so small

What was the real reason that you can't be friends
After all that you two have been through and now its the end

Will you ever be able to trust anyone again in your life
You tried your hardest but nothing feels right

How could friends be so heartless to walk away and never return
I guess this is another lesson that we've all got to learn

Whoever said friendships last forever were wrong
Unless it's a friendship which is so strong

But how do you know if the person is gonna be real or fake
It's just another lesson in life and just another mistake

Friendships end is where we are left
Those friends we thought were there only left you

with regrets. 

By Savannah Lloyd-Smith©


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