Friday, 12 February 2010

Questionable Cheating ?

The numbers keep increasing
Someone out there is being deceiving
Do we stay or keep believing 
That this person wont ever be leaving

What makes it okay for society
To believe in this cheating anxiety
Is it because they want more of a variety
or just something more excitingly 

Is it one person more than the other
Why do we feel the need to hurt each other
In the selfishness of one wanting a new lover
Hoping their secrets will never be uncovered

But who's to say its in everybody's agenda
To compete and be the next contender
Will it just take one person to surrender
Will this be able to stop the next offender

This does not apply to every person
But there are many different versions
Of people who don't mainly believe in excursions
But no one is to say there won't be a reversion

Nowadays it's seen as the norm
Family, friends and lovers are being torn
Should we blame the industry or even porn
For pure roses turning into thorns

This issue has become an written rule
Many of us can easily be fooled
To believe that this world is cruel
But who really supplies this fuel

Not everyone can be judged from another persons mistake
The lessons will be learnt to whoever partakes
Its up to you to separate 
What you've heard from this poetic debate

By Miss_Sav (5.47am, 12 February 2010)


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