Thursday, 11 February 2010

♥ Valentine's History ♥

It all began because of one man
his name was Valentine
He wrote a letter before his death
to prove his love was divine
He fell in love with the jailors daughter
eventhough he was confined
At the end of his letter, he post scripted
"From your Valentine"

We celebrate on the 14th
to commemorate his death
The celebration of this day
became popular nonetheless
Valentines occupation was actually
a Roman catholic priest
The Romans decided to celebrate
this day with a chistianized feast

It was only declared around 498 A.D,
The Romans also celebrated with a
love pairing lottery
However there were different ways
to celebrate this day
In the middle ages England & France
celebrated by thinking of whom
they would marry.

Valentines greetings became popular
by the mother of Valentines
Her name is Esther Howland
who made cards and gifts
which intertwined.

Today, Valentines is very commercialised
Couples like to send gifts, cards and romantics
as a gesture or a nice surprise.

Written & Researched By Miss_Sav ©


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