Saturday, 13 June 2009

Unspoken Heartbreak

I Don't Know Why You Left Me
I Thought Everything Was Fine
Its Hard To Explain The Feelings
Which Are Going Through My Mind

I Dont Understand, I Cant Even Breathe
I Just Wanted To Know Why Did You Leave
I Feel Like I'm All Alone No One To Hold Me Tight
I Feel So Lonely When I Wake Up At Stupid Times Of The Night

All That's On My Mind Is You Walking Out That Door
I Feel So Lonely I Don't Think I Can Take This Anymore
All The Memories Of Me & You Will Never Be The Same
Now You've Made My Heart So Lonely & Put Me Through This Pain

How Do I Mend This Broken Heart Its Something Ill Never Know
Its Hard To Stay Together But Its Harder To Let You Go
I Know You Had Your Reasons & I Know I Will Love Again
Its Just This Pain That I'm Going Through Will It Always Remain


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