Saturday, 13 June 2009


Am I Living Here Alone

How Come No One Understands Me
I Feel Like There's No One Around
Like I'm Buried 6 Feet Under Ground

Is There Any Way For Me To Feel Equal
Or Will I Always Be Known As The Outcast
How Come Life Seems To Be Going So Fast
Its Like Sand Running Through An Hour Glass

But Time Is Moving Quickly Now
I Guess There's Not Many Places To Hide
But No One Understands These Feelings
That I Keep Hidden Inside My Mind

Will There Ever Be A Time That Day
That People Will Know How I Feel
Or Am I Living In A World
Which Isn't So Real

I Don't Know Where My Path Will Lead
But I Don't Wanna Feel So Dead Inside
Its Hard Being An Outcast
Because No One Cares To Know Whats On My Mind


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