Saturday, 13 June 2009


This word is what most people are afraid to say
They try and cover it up and leave it for another day
Whats so wrong with telling people the truth?
Is it just better to lie?
Even if you tell the person they either hate you or you will make them cry

I know sometimes its hard to admit whats wrong and right
Why is every answer going to end in a fight?
I know people have opinions so many are right and wrong
But if you know the person well then you will know what will make them strong

Sometimes people don't ask for advice but people will give it at hand
Why is it so complicated to get people to understand
Maybe sometimes people do things as they know its good for themselves
That doesn't mean they should change it because of everybody else

Honesty is a complicated word many don't understand the meaning
So many people aren't bothered how the other one is feeling
However sometimes honesty is not the best policy

But that's something we will have to learn
As the more we go through life it will have many twists and turns
The truth may be hidden but inside we all know
That the truth will uncover itself no matter where we go...


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