Monday, 7 December 2009


[My Poetry]
So this is where it's going to end?
A date, a time of year, no one can prehend
It's just a myth or a typical mistake
How can you tell whether it's real or fake

God created this world for us to all live together
Jesus gave us his life so we could live here forever
So why would a particular date have a curse
Was this ever written in Gods book of words

There has been evidence which created this theory
But how do we know if we have read it clearly
The Mayans were the ones who created the pattern
To show us the days months and years and what may happen

But who's to say why there is no other variation
To that one piece of evidence of the mayans creation
No one has thought whether the Mayans didn't have time
To finish what they started and that is there sign

Many people are asking questions which cannot be answered
So many people are thinking there's going to be a disaster
Why can't we just see it as just another date of the year
Instead of it becoming a mental note due to fear

Live for today instead of thinking about what may happen years from tomorrow
Everyday is a blessing so don't live your life in sorrow
God knows what's going to happen so we can't predict 
Whether 2012 is going to end in a major earth human conflict.

What do you think of 2012?
Have you seen the movie? if so, what do you think of it?


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