Tuesday, 15 December 2009

My View On Chris Brown

In life we all make mistakes, I am sure you have done something you wish you hadn't done and you have got yourself into a complete mess where you can't get out of. Well think about how Chris Brown feels...

Today Chris Brown told his fans (via Twitter) that his album had been blacklisted from a store and customers who asked for the CD got told there were no more available. However, his album was in the back of the store in the storeroom. I think this is disgraceful as shouldn't Chris Brown's album Graffiti get the same attention as everyone else's. 
Chris Brown said that he loved his fans before deleting his twitter and he has been a trending topic for several hours.

I really hope that Chris Brown knows that his fans do believe him and that these haters can keep on hating because he has a long career ahead of him. 

All I say is good luck Chris Brown, the more haters you have the more your going to succeed to do better things.

What's your views on this blacklisted album affair?
Is it right for the stores to judge Chris Brown?


davidssister said...

I totally agree we all make mistakes lord knoows i have. I pray that he learns from this. If you ask me this part is the lesson of everything cause he has to persevere through the name calling and blackballing. If he trust in god like i know he does he will pull him out of this and he will stand. We all know the real deal and we love you Chris stay strong and hold on to Gods hand!

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