Monday, 14 December 2009

SQ = Savannah Quotes

I write articles, poems and I used to write lyrics in the past. I also enjoy writing my own quotes so any time you see this symbol = SQ it means it's a quote I have written myself. 

SQ: "Some people move way to fast and wonder why things don't work out...take your time cos if not your gonna crash & the results may be fatal"

SQ: "Friendships; are like flowers, they need water and photosynthesis to grow and mature.However if the flower doesn't have these things it will not grow or survive for very long" 

SQ: "Those who work hard are more likely to succeed, those who slack are more likely to fail"

SQ: "Selfishness equals loneliness" 

SQ: "You can have multiple friends, the real question is, will they become significant in the end?"

SQ: "If you take life too seriously, then your making yourself stressed, just take life as a small joke, then you won't end up so vexed"

SQ: "Trust is such a delicate thing, when broken, it's hard to fix"

There's more to come... I'll keep you posted.


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