Friday, 4 December 2009

Can You Count Your True Friends On One Hand?

Definition of Friendship (Noun)

1. attachment, relationship, bond, alliance, link, association, tie They struck up a close friendship.
2. friendliness, affection, harmony, goodwill, intimacy, affinity, familiarity, closeness, rapport, fondness, companionship, concord, benevolence, comradeship, amity, good-fellowship a whole new world of friendship and adventure. (

The Beginning of Friendships
Friendships these days can be made anywhere, at home, at work, at school, online and many other places. We all need friendships to survive, friends mean a lot to us especially when it's a special occasion or when you need somebody to socialise with. I am honoured to say I have had many good friendships and also many bad friendships. Friends need to grow together to form a tight bond between themselves and others. There are many rules to friendships some may mean more than others. Friends should be honest, loyal, loving, caring and have anattachment in any shape or form.

Socialising vs Popularity
As a child we grow to want to make as many friends as possible as we see it as a great way to have fun and someone to play with when its break, lunchtime or after school activites. When we are children and we are starting to grow up we want to be seen as the popular kid who has many friends who are fond of them. However as you begin to grow you realise that being the popular kid has its good and bad points like everything else in life.

For example, if your a popular person you have to keep up with that role and if someone takes over that particular role you may not be popular anymore. As people can change their minds very quickly.

Big Groups Of Friends
It's good to have a big group of friends as they are there on special occasions and they are able to share and celebrate it with you and others. However when the celebration is over and it's everyday life again, will those people be contactable or at least contact you once in a while. We all have busy lives but when a friend is upset or needs a shoulder to lean on we are expected to rise up to the occasion.

Online Social Networking Friends.
These days mostly everyone has 500-1,000+ friends on social networking sites such as, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and many more. That's good because you are being social with people all around the world and you are able to comunicate with those who you never thought you'd meet and you can form new bonds with them and have a long distance friendship.However these friends are your acquaintances because you communicate while online and most of time you don't see them on a day to day basis.

Conclusion & Questions
In this blog I wanted to describe what the title "True friends count for one hand" meant. I know that now I have matured into a young adult, I have begun to realise that friends will come and go and which friends will be approved to join the one or two I have counted on my hand and whether those I have counted will be there in the next 5years. I know at least one of them will be around but it's my job to find the rest.

Can you count all your true friends on one hand? - If it's more, explain why?
The more friends you have the more valuable they are? - Is this true? or false?

"Friendships; are like flowers, they need water and photosynthesis to grow and mature.However if the flower doesn't have these things it will not grow or survive for very long" - SQ


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