Tuesday, 1 December 2009

[Part 1] My Journey from Average to Extraordinary

In this blog I will discuss how I found my way from being an average joe to an extraordinary person.

The Exam Results.
This morning I received results from an exam I had taken last Thursday. I was very certain that I would pass the exam with flying colours. However when I received my results that wasn't the case. I had only just scrapped a pass, I couldn't believe it. I had spent a week and a half revising, going through different methods of how to get all the information into my head. But then I still came out with the average result.

I thought negatively to myself, why am I always average?. I am a hard worker and I am always determined to do well in whatever I commit myself to. I have always been a nerd when it comes to my studies, I take everything seriously and I attend every class. But why am I the average student who receives average results. 

It was about time that I stepped out of being the average joe and to turn myself into an extraordinary person. With guidance from love ones around me I decided to put my brain into gear and think of where I wanted to see myself at the start of my career in 2010.  

Career Ideas
I have always been a fan of the media and how celebrities live their lives. I am interested in radio and television and how they speak to their audiences and inform them on the current news media. I am a very social person who loves to talk to others and I also like guiding them. 

I consider myself as being an online geek at times as I know my fair share about technology and I can even touch type. So I know I would be cut out for any of these career options. 

However I have always been a blog reader, I love how people write down detail accounts of their lives and also other peoples lives e.g. celebrities. 

My Journey from Average to Extraordinary
I was then able to come across an idea, why not be extraordinary and use all these career options to help guide me into an amazing career.I could blog in times where I wasn't busy also I could subscribe my viewers or readers to my blog so that they can get news from whichever job I apply and work for. I am excited about starting 2010 with a bang. I took advice from Shanel Cooper Sykes about going from Ordinary to Extraordinary and to find something which makes me different from the rest. I think I finally understand it and I am now planning to take advantage of my future prospects.

Are you Average or Extraordinary? 
If you are extraordinary, explain why?


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