Thursday, 17 December 2009

Facebook Friends or Stalkers?

Is Facebook an excuse for stalking others?

I have been thinking about this for a while now. 
Can people really describe who there friends who they are?
Do you really need over 1,000 friends to be viewing your life to feel better about yourself?

I understand some people are trying to become famous so they try to add people so they can be fans of theirs.
How do you know that the guy from New Zealand who is 15, is not a 50 year old man from London. 
The internet is not safe as it is but people think that things won't take place on Facebook. Some people have even got fired from their job just because they had one night out where they ended up half naked or drunk. 

But the real question is, 
Would you consider yourself as a stalker, just taking a peek at someone's profile, or just a distant friend you met once but want to know a bit more?
To be honest I used to love people adding me on Facebook, but now I get annoyed when a random random who has 1 mutual friend with someone I rarely know myself. 

My View On My Facebook Friends.

I have 645 friends on Facebook. When I first got Facebook, I just turned 18 and my sister told me it would be a good idea to have it to be social so I signed up.
After a year and a bit of having Facebook, I had 600-700 friends, I realised that people from my high school who generally didn't take notice of me so I deleted everyone who weren't valuable. I was very happy with those 300 people I had left.
Now it's the end of 2009, I have reached over 600 friends and I have realised that I yet again have a lot of people who are not valuable, some were my friends but we are now enemies and so on. 

However I told a few people my plans for 2009 Deletion, I got good and bad replies... some people said you need negative people in your life to motivate you. Others said I should do it, why keep people who give off bad energy.
Hmm I don't know what you think of it but I know I am going ahead with Deletion 2009!


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